The Rainbow Fairy's First Rainbow - Diane Malik, M.A.

The Rainbow Fairy's First Rainbow

By Diane Malik, M.A.

  • Release Date: 2016-01-22
  • Genre: Fiction


Fayette is a fairy who lives in a magical garden. She is a beautiful fairy because her wings glow with many colors. She loves her garden which is filled with butterflies, singing birds and friendly elves. Fayette especially loves her best fairy friend, Elvin. Together they help the elves keep the forest behind Fayette's garden clean. Rainy days are some of Fayette's favorite days because the rain makes her garden and forest bright and clean. When it rains, Fayette's wings and dress glow red because she is so happy. One day, after the rain has stopped, Fayette has an idea. She flies across the sky, leaving different colors behind her until seven colors stretch through the blue sky. Fayette has created the first rainbow. The Rainbow Fairy's First Rainbow is a perfect story for small children. The book is structured to help children learn their primary colors and to start learning to read. The layering of the colors in the story help children improve their linear thinking skills and memory. It is the perfect length so children stay engaged and ask for the story over and over again.