Liberty and Tyranny - Mark R. Levin

Liberty and Tyranny

By Mark R. Levin

  • Release Date: 2009-03-24
  • Genre: Political Science
Score: 4.5
From 170 Ratings


Don’t miss syndicated radio host and author Mark Levin's #1 New York Times acclaimed and longtime bestselling manifesto for the conservative movement.

When nationally syndicated radio host Mark R. Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny appeared in the early months of the Obama presidency, Americans responded by making his clarion call for a new era in conservatism a #1 New York Times bestseller for an astounding twelve weeks. As provocative, well-reasoned, robust, and informed as his on-air commentary, with his love of our country and the legacy of our Founding Fathers reflected on every page, Levin’s galvanizing narrative provides a philosophical, historical, and practical framework for revitalizing the conservative vision and ensuring the preservation of American society.

In the face of the modern liberal assault on Constitution-based values, an attack that has resulted in a federal government that is a massive, unaccountable conglomerate, the time for reinforcing the intellectual and practical case for conservatism is now. In a series of powerful essays, Levin lays out how conservatives can counter the tyrannical liberal corrosion that has filtered into every timely issue affecting our daily lives, from the economy to health care, global warming to immigration, and more.



    By Ninja Boy 97
    It’s amazing to me that I find someone who shares the ideas and principles taught to me by my parents. The ideas of being a true American (Americanism) and individualism. Mark Levin has done an amazing job capturing the reasons why our nation has been as successful as it has been and why we NEED to stand up and fight back against any and all resistance to promote anti-American values, in a non-violent manner. Thank you Mark Levin!
  • Leader in keeping alive constitutional principles

    Great book. If you are looking to increase your knowledge about problems facing this country you will enjoy this book.
  • Liberty and Tyranny

    By Rv8torbill
    Great book describing the loss of freedom the country has experienced over the past few decades and how it occurred. Although it proposes a turn around plan to reverse this trend, the task is daunting at best. Tens of millions of unobservant citizens have bought into the current system which has never worked anywhere else. Getting those masses to realize the extent of the disaster awaiting them is almost impossible. We once had what the founders gave us but over a long time squandered it. Unfortunately, I fear we are now on track to suffer the internal meltdown which has characterized all societies which have erroneously concluded one can have wealth by simply voting for it.
  • Liberty and Tyranny

    By Ranger Dave 3088
    Sobering, unsettling overview of where we are now in the U.S.; where we have been, and where we are sadly heading towards (servants to our own Government) if we do not change course. Well documented facts to support every perspective. Highly recommended for those who are true patriots and lovers of the US Constitution. Those who believe in liberty, true liberty and want to do all they can to right this ship and get it back on course. This book will help arm you to counter the left leaning liberals and statists of this country. Highly recommended!
  • Relevence of founding fathers to today's america

    By bruce 123
    Mark Levin is a genius in his writing. He teachers the difference between modern american liberalism and classical liberalism aka conservatism. A neccessary addition to one's book library!
  • liberty and Tyrann

    By Yodocla
    Great book, can't wait to read it in Spanish, to better understand its content.
  • Still Relevant

    By wx_dude
    This is an outstanding read. The content is as relevant today as it was when written. Mark Levin is a genius in conservative thought. My copy of Ameritopia is sitting on my desk waiting for me.
  • A Brilliant Piece of Work

    By john.m.angell
    This was the first Levin book I've read, and I plan on purchasing Men in Black once I'm done with a couple other books. Mr. Levin's message is a very simple, straightforward one, and requires the conversation be changed from traditional Republican vs. Democrat argument and instead focused on the classical liberal vs. the statist. The reasoning for this is there are both in each political party, and a statist Republican can be as damaging if not more so than a statist Democrat because they impede true progress and a return to the constitutional republic that made our nation the greatest on Earth. He outlines, in easily understood language, how statism, with the rise of Woodrow Wilson all the way through Barack Obama, has destroyed the individual freedoms and private property rights of the average American, and has sent the United States down a path to moral and monetary bankruptcy. Critics have stated that Levin creates a strawman in his construction of the statist, but the fact is the statist is truly that destructive for the American way of life. This is, in my opinion, a critical piece of literature for the citizen who believes in American Exceptionalism and refuses to sacrifice individual liberty for collective "salvation".
  • Constructionist

    By JPegramMD
    Mark has a very direct and some might say abrasive style, but his analysis holds up when viewed with an Originalists lens. His understanding of constitutional law is excellent, if not strongly held to a limitational view of liberty the government can restrict directly or indirectly. His main thesis holds that government is encroaching on freedoms and that D's and R's are responsible. He is correct in that regard. Statism and governance by elites is not restricted to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, the Trent Lott's of the world are just as guilty. His destruction of FDR, Wilson, and the big government apparatus that started so long ago has a Dexter-like quality to it. Defining a statist is then rather easy and simple to understand. Liberals will hate it and him, him more so because they won't read it anyway. Independent and conservative persons should read and take notes. I read the hard cover version earlier this year.