The Drop - Michael Connelly

The Drop

By Michael Connelly

  • Release Date: 2011-11-28
  • Genre: Police Procedural
Score: 4.5
From 2,539 Ratings


In his fierce search for a new case, Detective Harry Bosch discovers a killer hiding behind suspicious DNA evidence -- and a political conspiracy that could destroy the Los Angeles Police Department.

DNA from a 1989 rape and murder matches a 29-year-old convicted rapist. Was he an eight-year-old killer or has something gone terribly wrong in the new Regional Crime Lab? The latter possibility could compromise all of the lab's DNA cases currently in court.

Then Bosch and his partner are called to a death scene fraught with internal politics. Councilman Irvin Irving's son jumped or was pushed from a window at the Chateau Marmont. Irving, Bosch's longtime nemesis, has demanded that Harry handle the investigation.

Relentlessly pursuing both cases, Bosch makes two chilling discoveries: a killer operating unknown in the city for as many as three decades, and a political conspiracy that goes back into the dark history of the police department.


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    By Heeynow
    Kimnkakm I know you use it
  • Another Great One

    By sully2385
    I saw many reviews disappointed in this story and noting they thought the two cases Harry was working were somehow going to be connected. A cold case and a fresh politically charged case; it was evident they would not be connected. I thought this was another well written Bosch story with two evolving cases. Gotta love High Jingo. Well done.
  • The Drop

    By New in 52
    No one of his best.
  • A real disappointment!

    By Rufus250
    I am a big Michael Connelly fan and love the Harry Bosch series, but this definitely wasn't worth the time spent to read it or the money spent to buy it. Two separate stories run concurrently and one story proved to be particularly gruesome and graphic. I read the entire book waiting for the plots to intersect or interrelate somewhere along the line which never happened. To add insult to injury the book ended as though the last chapters had been literally torn out.....literally a rip off. Sorry Michael, this was definitely not one of you better efforts.
  • Not bad, not great

    By Emily Gilmour
    I just don't understand why two completely separate cases needed to run parallel in this book.... I was waiting the whole time for them to come together in some great connolly twist the way he used to do it in earlier stories - but that is too much to hope for recently...
  • Waiting for the final connect

    By Bengal hawk
    Very good story and solid read. I kept waiting for the two storylines to come together better but it didn't happen. Otherwise a interesting read albeit grim at some places.
  • The drop

    By stan ramsey
    Couldn't put it down.almost seems like a true story
  • 9.99boycott

    Boycott overpriced books.
  • The Drop

    By anobid
    Top shelf story that you cannot put down. The writing, characters, and story are impeccable.
  • Another super Connelly effort

    By Speaker2Animals
    Opening a Harry Bosch novel is like slipping into a comfortable old shoe -- you know exactly what you're getting into. Yet somehow he always manages to give the story a new twist, so you never get the idea he's just going through the motions with a familiar character.