American Judo - Arthur Hobart Farrar

American Judo

By Arthur Hobart Farrar

  • Release Date: 1943-01-10
  • Genre: Martial Arts & Self Defense


Judo for Soldiers Illustrated
After Pearl Harbor and the U.S. entry into WWII, there was a need for troops to be taught how to prevail in Hand-to-Hand combat with the enemy. This book, written by the author of "Police Jiu-Jitsu", sought to fill this void by presenting some basic and practical Judo moves that could aid a soldier who might come face to face with the enemy.

Well organized, and presented in a 'you are in a training class at boot camp' fashion complete with fellow soldiers from Detroit, the Bronx and even the Mid-west, it offers examples of simple hold releases and counters for many fighting scenarios and situations. Clear illustrations give a good sense of how the techniques are employed, which makes it easy to see how you would do them yourself.

A gem of a book, especially for students of martial arts history and World War 2 era combat technique. It even features a small section at the end showing several moves especially for women and demonstrated  in the same narrative style using WAAC recruits learning self-defense. 
Keywords: Jiu Jitsu,throw,choke,hold,Ranger,hand to hand, self defense