3 Day Potty Training - Lora Jensen

3 Day Potty Training

By Lora Jensen

  • Release Date: 2014-03-08
  • Genre: Parenting
Score: 4
From 161 Ratings


3 Day Potty Training gives you a step-by-step approach to toilet training that aims to have your child completely potty trained in as little as 3 days.

You will learn how to:
+ Work with the child that has ZERO interest or motivation;
+ Work with stubborn children;
+ Get your child to actually go IN the toilet when they are ON the toilet;
+ Travel with your newly potty trained child;
+ Correctly address regression or relapses;
+ Potty train twins and triplets;
+ Potty train children with autism or who are speech-delayed;


  • Best book for potty training.

    By Stephanie Parisi
    Amazing. Follow it to a T. Worked like a charm for both my kids.
  • It Just Works!

    By IUsuallyNeverLeaveReviews
    I have 6 children, and my 6th and last child was the toughest to potty train. She was so stubborn! I thought I knew it all, considering that I did this 5 times already, but I clearly was heading into new waters with her! I bought this book, and, just like it states, she was potty trained in 3 days. I mean, COMPLETELY potty trained, night time, too. Thank you Lori!
  • Hggn

    By czegar
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  • Worked with 23 month old!

    By KB0406
    My husband and I both read it and followed it to a T. The first day was very draining and intense, but by the second day, our little one was potty trained with only two accidents that day. Totally worth that stressful first day! We are now a couple of months out, and she rarely has accidents. She occasionally has accidents outside or in new places, but she’s little so that is to be expected. We stuck with the nighttime training and underwear for about five weeks—limiting fluids two hours before bed and waking up several times at night, etc. We continued to have accidents and wet the bed, so it worked better for us to put pull ups on her at night and we will try again when she’s older. We haven’t noticed nighttime pull-ups interfering with daytime potty training at all (including she still stays dry and wears underwear at nap times). We did have some problems with her being scared of pooping in the toilet and tried the various methods in the book. She started out great and had several bowel movements on the potty, but then started holding it, became constipated and scared after a week or two. Pooping became a big production with a lot of anxiety. We started giving her miralax, and what worked for us was to bring the baby toilet out to wherever we were, take off her pants and underwear so we could see it starting and rushing her to the potty. She didn’t want to stay sitting on it to finish her bowel movements, so it was a lot of back and forth and just easier to have the potty out with us to decrease the time it took to get her on it. We kept with the miralax (with doctors approval) and that method, and we worked up to having clothes on her and eventually the potty in the bathroom again for bowel movements. She’s now doing awesome and even pooping at daycare with no problems!
  • Overpriced stern blog post

    By StrawberryNillaWafer
    I was not impressed with this book at all. The author provides very little value, no remarkable tips. The whole book is worded in a negative stern way that makes the reader feel like the child. Interestingly, the book is ended with a call to use the author’s additional services “for a small price”. This book is so popular because it was the first, not because it’s the best.
  • Fantastic!

    By KelWil1991
    I used this method with my daughter (22 Months Old). She had a few accidents the first morning but since then has only had damp undies whilst running to the potty. I love the emphasis on the positive! My daughter responded to this really well.
  • Genius

    By Bjstge1112
    Would have given 5 stars if it was more method based (like following up after the 3 days!) in addition to all the Q & A’s. Nevertheless, did the job.
  • She learned on the 2nd day!

    By Vanessa Darvish
    I really loved the way she explains on how to potty train your toddler. It was just like magic and my 26 month old understood the potty routine on the 2nd day of training. So far she has been having accidents on her nap time but I guess that part of the learning. When we are out I have to keep reminding her of her "potty time" every 1:30hr or an accident may happen. We still working on her training but she is doing very well. I didn't take the night diaper out yet but we will so. :) Thank you for the incredible book!
  • Sketchy and neurotic - do not use this book

    By Airpreston504
    Don't do it. JUST DON'T. This program is irresponsible, at least, and harmful and traumatic, at its worst. And if you do proceed, do not use THIS BOOK, and THIS AUTHOR (there are others, keep searching). This writer, Lora Jensen, characterizes herself as both knowledgeable and helpful. She is neither. After following this program perfectly for six days now, it is still not working, and creating terrible anxiety in my normally non-anxious child. Desperate to complete this horrible process, I even signed up for Ms Jensen's one-on-one service for "personal help." Lo, and Behold, she's on some sort of vacation from her help desk, information not available to you until after you pay. Her site has no means of contacting her, getting customer service, or getting a refund. This spells S-C-A-M. I can't believe I was so gullible. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM.
  • Do this!

    By CaptianAmericasMom
    It works - like a charm!!!