The Liberty Amendments - Mark R. Levin

The Liberty Amendments

By Mark R. Levin

  • Release Date: 2013-08-13
  • Genre: Political Science
Score: 4
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Mark R. Levin has made the case, in numerous bestselling books that the principles undergirding our society and governmental system are unraveling. In The Liberty Amendments, he turns to the founding fathers and the constitution itself for guidance in restoring the American republic.

The delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention and the delegates to each state’s ratification convention foresaw a time when the Federal government might breach the Constitution’s limits and begin oppressing the people. Agencies such as the IRS and EPA and programs such as Obamacare demonstrate that the Framers’ fear was prescient. Therefore, the Framers provided two methods for amending the Constitution. The second was intended for our current circumstances—empowering the states to bypass Congress and call a convention for the purpose of amending the Constitution. Levin argues that we, the people, can avoid a perilous outcome by seeking recourse, using the method called for in the Constitution itself.

The Framers adopted ten constitutional amendments, called the Bill of Rights, that would preserve individual rights and state authority. Levin lays forth eleven specific prescriptions for restoring our founding principles, ones that are consistent with the Framers’ design. His proposals—such as term limits for members of Congress and Supreme Court justices and limits on federal taxing and spending—are pure common sense, ideas shared by many. They draw on the wisdom of the Founding Fathers—including James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and numerous lesser-known but crucially important men—in their content and in the method for applying them to the current state of the nation.

Now is the time for the American people to take the first step toward reclaiming what belongs to them. The task is daunting, but it is imperative if we are to be truly free.


  • A must read!

    By Joey K - Indiana
    Mark Levin is a brilliant and insightful author and a true American patriot. Our country is facing some of the darkest days in its history and Levin not only defines and clarifies the issues at hand, but offers solid and workable solutions to the problems. I highly recommend The Liberty Amendments, as well as his other books, to anyone who loves and appreciates the freedoms we enjoy in this great nation.
  • Another angry rant

    By Enlightenment?
    Prepare to be a little poorer and a lot stupider. Greetings from the bubble where this spiritually impoverished curmudgeon assigns convenient blame and wraps it in a flag that surely comes closer to the Confederate States of America than that of the USA. How do you assign negative stars?
  • American Dreamers

    By AZ Grandparent
    This is a great book even though I feel that it might be out of reach of reality. I just can't see there being enough Americans to want to right the ship and turn the clock back to what the Framers of the Constitution had intended. But we can dream and hope.
  • Educational

    By TheFlatsMan
    Truly scary how far our elected officials have taken us away from our original direction as a country.
  • The Liberty Ammendments

    By Signmeuptoo
    While Mark is a brilliant man and writer, he needs to write so that a much larger group of people can understand what he is saying. Bring it down to the common language so most people will understand these words. Also, he wasted an opportunity to get people involved in gathering signatures or whatever is needed to get the ball rolling. Where do we go to help?
  • Thank You For Thinking!

    By Light2011
    Mark Levin has done another wonderful piece of work concerning Liberty. As a result of his work and recommendations, I have read everything from Tocqueville, Hayek, Friedman, Shirley, Sowell, Bastiat and especially Levin. One does not need for him to autograph his books as each word, phrase, sentence, paragraph and chapter is his signature written from the heart. Thank you so much. You have helped me to think critically in so many areas and The Liberty Amendments is sure to start the process of returning governmental authority to the people once again. Mark Levin is the Patrick Henry of our day. Keep pressing on, Mark. We are praying for you.
  • Calling All Americans!

    By Becci iTunes
    We all know greatness when we see it, and Mr. Levin's "Liberty Admendments" sets a new standard. He has done an exceptional job supporting his views, and the Amendments, with historical and modern-day facts. He, wisely, omits the "social issues" of our time because America's troubles are systemic. As such, I didn't have to block out any agenda-driven noise; I got to read a smart, respectful and fresh depiction of an approach to solving our 21st century tyranny problem. ALERT! Give this book an HONEST read before concluding your status quo is acceptable! Be an American, first. Throw out the labels. Don't listen to the nay-sayers. Use common sense. I promise you will be enlightened! Thank you, Mr. Levin, for sharing this with all of US! (p.s. Amendment Convention? BRING IT!)
  • The Liberty Ammendments

    By Discerning Reader
    Excellent, it will not be easy!!
  • Something for Every American

    By Windisch
    I does not matter what side of the political bar you are on. The amendments proposed are for everyone unless you are a career politician then you are against most of them. It's high time for term limits. The 1st 3 deal with this with one dealing with the repeal of 17th amendment. All amendments are laid out nicely with rational reasoning and historical reference in each chapter. This book spells out a way for us to make civil change. Washington will not make changes. The amendments are Levin's idea but they are not meant to be gospel. Only to make us think and debate. Maybe one of us has a better idea. This is a quick read and a fine history lesson it is.
  • Greatness from The Great One

    By djszot